Truck of the Year: 2012 Contenders

The Truck of the Year Award is being contested by four amazing trucks that are commonly seen on the streets this year. Starting off with Ford F-150, which comes with a line of many trim levels, bed variants and cab options.  One of the weaknesses of the previous Ford F-150s was its engine line up which has been felt behind many times. In 2010, one engine was still being backed by a 4-speed automatic. Well, that thing has already changed as Ford has already come with 4 new engines to boast. These engines now come with more powerful abilities and are more economical in terms of fuel consumption compared to the engines, which they have replaced. The engine that has garnered the most buzz is known as the Eco Boost 3.5 L V6. On the other hand, all of the four engines come with a standard 6-speed automatic. 
The next contender is the Nissan NV. This is the first foray of Nissan to the van market in the United States, a category that has ripened for development and improvement. The Nissan NV has the original plan to be based at the Titan platform but when the company’s engineering team is through, only a little portion was given to the Titan. Because of this, the engineering team has again created a new platform that is heavy duty. We have tried the cargo van because the passenger van is not yet into production during the test.
The Ram Laramie Longhorn is another contender for the Motor Trend’s 2012 title. This is an all-new model, which has a direct completion among other vehicles like GMC’s Sierra Denali and the Ford King Ranch edition. Ram comes with really something new and this is the Cummins Turbo Diesel with 150 pound foot ore torque, which also brings the grand total of 800. This truck also entered with a package known as Max Tow.
Toyota Tacoma Towing is the one, which completes the roster of the magic four vying for the Motor Trend’s 2012 Truck of the Year Award. This is considered as the top selling and most popular type of a compact and midsized truck even before Ranger failed to continue. The Toyota Tacoma comes with a newly redesigned front end along with its highly upgraded interior.
What will be 2012’s Truck of the Year winner? Pick your choice for your guess is as good as mine.

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