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Choose a Truck that Suits Your Needs Comfortably

Who does not like a sturdy vehicle when carrying some goods across lands?  The roads are rough and, the climate unpredictable.  The wheels have to bear the ground even when it wishes to be shaky. Given these circumstances a truck happens to be one sturdy vehicle that drives without pain. You would be seated in the truck for hours and, it would give out no signals of rushing on or breaking down.
Choosing a truck is a difficult task. While choosing a truck, you should be aware of the various truck manufacturers. Currently the marketplace is flooded with truck manufacturers as they are getting back into picture. You would see that the reason for so many manufacturers is the growing demand for trucks in the market.  You could either visit the nearby shop or the online shops to have a look at the various trucks available.
Once you know the manufacturer you wish to deal with, you should know what kind of truck you wish to buy. The truck size depends on the nature of your work with the truck. You could either have a small or big truck depending on the need of the hour. Once the size is determined, comes the accessories. Accessories are an important part of the truck. You would wish for the best accessories (custom wheels, grilles, headlights, chrome accessories, air intakes, and truck exhaust systems) considering your travel needs and places. Some of you can even buy those mid-size pick-up trucks that are pretty effective and efficient.
The seating requirements should be noted before indulging in the purchase. You may need spacious seating places along with good storage place. Note that while purchasing a truck. The engine can even be customized as per your need.
Choose the truck that you feel best suits your requirements. The sturdiness has a long life and so, do the trucks.

The Future of Bigger Vehicles

When the car industry first proposed the idea of

hybrid cars, the market was excited about the environmental benefits that they bring. However, manufacturing hybrid cars required more sophisticated steps than what would an ordinary car needed. As a result, many of the first edition hybrid cars were expensive and their performance was sacrificed for better fuel economy. After years of research, we have seen hybrid cars that bring the best of both worlds. And now, top car manufacturers Toyota and Ford think that it is about time to bring hybrid technology into a higher plane.
If you haven’t heard of it, Ford Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation agreed to develop a hybrid gas-electric engine for SUVs and Trucks. The deal that was signed by Takeshi Uchiyamada, from Toyota Motors, and Derrick Kuzak, from Ford Motors is an agreement between two car-manufacturing giants to share the costs for this very important development. Among their purposes is to make the technology even more affordable for customers. They also said that the pact would help bring the technology to the market faster.


Knowing more about your Off-Road Trucks

As mentioned earlier, there are various ways in which to tune up a 4×4 truck. In today’s modern society, some of these tuning techniques no longer involve old school gear heads and are utilizing the services of computer scientists.  Most technicians as of late include more electronic devices than the ever-reliable hand held equipment of yesteryears. While a tire plug kit can never be replaced by a handheld programmer, it is now an essential tool to have in your vehicle. Most old school mechanics and technicians are initially not happy with the electronic and computer enhanced path engine repairs and improvements are going. However, in order to improve and move forward, the acceptance of these new and modern techniques and equipment should be embraced. One should not be intimidated by technology, more importantly, mechanics of the old ways should find ways to make it work for you.

Most 4×4 trucks are essentially tuned up before it leaves the factory and is done in a general manner. This means that programming restrictions are limited to the basic Federal standards for emission and are usually based only with the life expectancy of the truck. By changing the aforementioned factory restrictions, one may be able to adjust and improve the overall performance of the truck’s engine, however, the warranty included may be voided.

It is important to remember that before making any adjustments to your truck, you should do the necessary legwork and research of how the engine of your vehicle works. There are various ways in which to tune the engines of the trucks, however, not all tuning techniques are the same. To avoid any mistakes, it is advised to seek consultation with a reputable and legitimate tuning company.

Top Auto Companies in Terms Of Big Gains.2

Top auto companies in terms of big gains

3. Ram (29%) – Ram has actually made it possible to retain its glorious years of obtaining double-digit results every year.  It has improved its sales by less than five thousand in the month of April and has fallen short by a matter of 920 units in the month of March. A new Ram model is going to be presented and released in the market this 2013 and the new model comes with great updates, which can be compared, to its competitors.

4. GMC – Has garnered 22.7% in terms of gains this year and has again retained its spot as the fourth placer. It has posted double-digit gains year after year and has improved its sales by just a shy and timid 600 units. Unlike the other types of pickup leaders in the market, GMC sales could not match the total sales in March, which were 13,849.

5. Toyota – Toyota’s Tacoma has come up with a grand total gain of 24.6% this year. In April, Toyota Tacoma got a tepid 3.7% year after year increase. The 24.6% gain for the month of May has become a great thing to know this year.

Top Auto Companies in Terms Of Big Gains

If you are going to compare the top gainers during the past few years, you can see that the current list for this year is a way different. Two of the biggest auto companies all over the world have switched positions in the month of May. Ford and Nissan are both grabbing the position for the best auto company in terms of gains.
Here are the top companies, which made it possible to create big gains out of their cars and vehicles for the year 2012.

1. Ford – The Ford Company has made it possible to acquire gains by 29.3% and its F-Series model has remained to be at the top position one more time. As a matter of fact, this particular model for Ford has outnumbered and surpassed the combined figures of General Motors’ Sierra and Chev’s Silverado. In fact, it sells in the market and has doubled up the sales figure of the Ram Trucks.

2. The Chevrolet Silverado (21.6%) – As of the month of May, Chevrolet has made it possible to come up with double-digit sales. In fact, this company has improved its sales by selling over 3,800 units during the month of April. A new model for Chevrolet is expected to be released this soon and is believed to surpass Ford the moment it hits the display rooms.

Behind the Scenes of Trucks and their Types

Big toys during the early decades are not given much attention as what we consider a modern and upgraded vehicle today.  It was for the purpose of towing and hauling giant loads of containers and did not serve as a favorite driving machine because of its horrendous exterior, heavy power terrain and complex operations. Until such then when trucks are offered to other nationalities, the details took a serious variation of styles and mechanical customization. Later, speculations harness into a wide variety of engineering enlisting them into the world of automobile.
The history of pickup trucks is first recognized by Ford brand, which molds the cargo machine into a 1928 Roadster Pickup truck. When covered pickup truck structured the piece little by little, the coupe design followed up in Australia where it was further enhanced and were loved by many truck lovers.
There are numerous number of trucks, which include Full-size pickups, Compact, Sport Utility, Mid-size, and Specialty ones each with a unique performance and functions. Full-size pickup can be observed in the classic GMC of 1982 pickup truck. Compact trucks are commonly known for its mini version of big trucks and scopes most of the sales in the truck market. Brands like Isuzu Rodeo, Toyota Hilux and Chevrolet Colorado dominate the business of modern and hybrid trucks of the century.

High Gas Price Forces Trucks Drivers to Sell Rigs

Jesse Henley went into trucking as expansion of his logging business and acquired seven tractor-trailers to haul his timber to the mills in the South. He charges the mills for delivery. Now although seven of his rigs still on his yard, the high gas price is making his hauling business unprofitable. He plans to sell all of his rigs. 

High gas price has hurt people like Mr. Hendley and if diesel prices do not go down, people like Mr. Hendley will have to sell their trucks just to beat down their losses. This is happening to thousands of truckers who are forced to sell or resell and the situation is the worst things has ever happen to trucking industry since 1980 when the industry was deregulated.

Mr. Hendley commented that truckers are now experiencing major breakdown and made comparison of the ailing industry to broken axle or damaged engines, which is just a few yards away from bankruptcy. He added that he had laid off his regular driver and now turns to independent operators to carry his logs.

Observers have blamed the rising fuel costs for the big cut from truckers’ profit plus the fact that the economy is in its slowest that have resulted to reduced freight traffic. Truckers account the problem on their failure to impose fuel surcharges that will further hurt the consumers. They added that the industry has been suffering for years from over-capacity. They blamed the over-capacity to the deregulation, which attracted thousands of small rig operators into trucking.

Analysts at the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association like John Seibert explained the condition as something like company cost-reduction scheme where a company put the load on the dock and have truckers to pick them at company’s rate. This agreement hurt many fleet owners thus some are forced to get out from the business.

Similar to truckers’ dilemma, air freight operators are also hurt by high gas price. Many companies now turn to railroad to move trailers from the highway to cut cost. Dan England, chairman of C.R. England, has turned to the railroad and move only as less than 350 of their 3,600 tractors on the highway for the reason of fuel economy.

The statistic show that 3 percent of the tractor fleet or more than 45,000 trucks have disappeared from the highway since last year. The record shows that this is worse than the 1980 shakeout as results of deregulation and recession coupled with high interest and the second Arab embargo.

Moreover, carriers with less than five trucks are heading to bow out from the business with noted increased pace. With foreseen accelerating gas price, The American Trucking Association predicts that more fleet owners would take their trucks off the highways.

Trucks Manifesting Strong Sales This Year

Dodge Ram

GMC Sierra

American trucks continue to manifest its strong presence topping sales charts for the longest time. Chrysler’s Ram trucks maintain its hold in the market boasting 23,282 units last month alone.  The Chevy Silverado made considerable headway with 32,297 units sold but it was dwarfed by the strapping sales of the Ford F-series at 47,273 units, which was a 25% improvement on the units that it got sold on the very same period last year. Although its fabrication has already been ceased, the Ford Ranger had a considerable great February selling almost five thousand units.  As a whole, the American trucks did amazingly well in both marketing and sales and some of the best performers include the Ford F-series, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, the full sized Silverado, the GMC Sierra, the aging Avalanche, and the Escalade EXT.
Ram is keeping Chrysler in the playing field showing a 40% increase on its sales compared to its showing same time last year. Even though the Japanese are currently going through a painful recovery from earthquake and tsunami, Toyota fared considerably well with its flagship truck the Tacoma. The other Toyota trucks also did admirably including the Tundra selling more than 6000 units. Nissan continued its successful 2011 with another strong showing this year with its Frontier selling more than four thousand units. The Nissan Titan also improved in sales this January distributing almost two thousand units selling more than the units the same model sold in January last year.  Honda, which just recently joined the truck bandwagon, has its Ridgeline unibody pickup manifesting comparably great sales new as it is showing an increase of almost 50% over its last year’s sales performance. Suzuki capped the month with its Equator selling 151 units last month.
On the SUV battle, the Honda CR-V retained its hold on the top spot for the second month in a row, a commendable feat in the American market. Close by on second is Ford Escape selling almost 19,000 units last month. Another car company placed third. The Chevy Equinox sold 17,800 units and it continues to grow steadily. Sandwiching the two American trucks is the Nissan Rogue standing firm in fourth place. This year only, there have already been more than 23,000 Nissan Rogues sold. Toyota’s RAV4 has been consistently on the top five managing to sell almost 13,000 units last month alone.
However, the old-school design Wrangler is making a comeback, which is keeping the other SUV manufacturers on their toes.

Truck News

The Japanese have made considerable advances in massive vehicle design and that is the reason why some Asian-manufactured trucks have made significant in-roads in the North American market. This is manifested in the substantial increase in sales of the Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan trucks right after their launch.  Nevertheless, despite the amazing progress that the Asian vehicle design and manufacturing field has attained in the past decade, the US truck manufacturing companies are still the lords when it comes to trucks and pick-ups. The reason behind this is the devoted loyalty that customers have on American manufacturers and this never ceases to bring faithful clients back to the US truck showrooms each time a new truck model is launched.
One palpable advantage of US-made trucks over the others is because of its diesel options, a feature Nissan and Toyota do not possess. Construction companies prefer diesel engines especially when they are buying fleets because of the engine motor’s torque and its hauling and towing capacity. In addition, diesel fuel is more cost-efficient that gasoline. And because construction companies and other fleet purchases rely mainly on the efficient and powerful nature of big trucks, those designed with diesel engines have the edge over those, which are not. 
Ford Motor Corporation, forging an alliance with Navistar, Inc. in 1982, has made thousands of engine-powered trucks. Although Navistar sells its engines tagged as MaxxForce, Ford opted to use Power Stroke as its engine’s name. Today, the Power Stroke is the best-selling diesel engine in the United States. Ford statistics says that 75% of their truck buyers choose the diesel engine-run trucks over the gas-fed ones. The Ford vehicles with the diesel engine option include the F-250 and the F-550, the E series vans, and the Excursion SUV.
Gm has its own version of diesel engine-run trucks. Its full-sized pick-ups, the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado both have their own V8 diesel engine options. Today, GM has partnered with Isuzu in producing its diesel engines for its fleet. The truck manufacturer even manufactures slightly less powerful diesel engines for some of its full-sized Chevrolets and GMC vans.
Chrysler, which was formerly known as Dodge, has Cummins, Inc. taking care of its turbo-diesel engines for its RAM fleet.
There have been reports that in order to give their customers the same diesel option that other vehicle manufacturers offer, Nissan will be ordering from Cummins 5.0L diesel engines for its Titan trucks.