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Chevy Silverado is Well Ahead of Ram 1500 According to the Consumer Reports

The days have come when the people can easily forget about Viper and Corvette. These days a lot of comparisons are being made among the various truck models available in the market. The full size trucks have been always a matter of concern for the domestic car manufacturing companies.x2014-chevrolet-silverado Till the new truck by Ford comes out in the market, Silverado by Chevrolet will continue to hold the top most position in the consumer reports list. Ram 1500 has failed to make a good place for itself in the heart of the customers.

A brief of the competition

Since a few years a close competition is being observed between the two renowned vehicles. Both of them are being powered by the version 8 engines.2013 Ram 1500
The Silverado that is going to come out in the market in 2014 has been powered by the GMC Sierra twin engine. This has left Ram far behind in the race. The truck could score only 81. This score was enough to make to the list of the top rated trucks.
Silverado have been able to get a narrow victory over Ram. The later finished with just 3 points less than the super truck by Silverado.
The factors that helped Silverado win the game is fuel economy and better payload and towing capacity. Not only is this the truck also has a very low step in height. This makes driving convenient.
There are also steps at the rear bumper. This helps a lot in loading and unloading the goods.

But the surveys have shown that most of the people still prefer Ram over Silverado. The most obvious reason behind this is that the ride is smoother. This has been only possible due spring rear suspension. It also has an eight speed automatic transmission.

General Motors News

GM has stated that launching the new trucks on a six-speed automatic transmission is an introductory affair, and eight-speed automatics will eventually be available.
At the moment both Silverado and Sierra are equipped with four speed automatic transmissions, which come standard for V6 and V8 versions respectively. After the models were launched, General Motors did provide volume upgrades to allow housing for their six-speed automatic and this is where the trend lies. Other competitors such as Ford and Dodge have followed suit of the six-speed automatic trail and Ram has fully migrated to eight-speed for most of their high end models set to be released in 2013.
According to sources from General Motors, the introduction of 2014 models in full-size trucks is mirrored on the 2007 launch in terms of transmission resolution. With both Sierra and Silverado starting off with six-speed automatic transmission and eventually leading up to potential version upgrades when the eight-speed transmissions are in effect. These plans are an upgrade from the current four-speed automatic transmission offers that GM has on its lineup but ultimately falls short on public expectation of an eight-speed automatic launch for their truck and SUV lines respectively. The current release plan for their full-size trucks will require all new GM models to undergo a midcycle upgrade in two to three years after its launch as evidenced by adding two gear upgrades to its current slate. It is expected that once the Hydra-Matic eight speed transmissions are good to go that GM will stabilize all six-speed upgrades from the ground up.