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GM All Set to Promote Chevrolet Silverado to the Next Level of Success

General Motors has wide range of car models to its kitty, but the company seems to be concerned about the sales of Chevrolet Silverado. The company witnessed deep in the sales of Chevy Silverado following the heavy discounts offered by the competitors.  To overcome this loss, GM is all geared up to face the competition with special incentive programs on Chevrolet Silverado. These incentives are not for the 2013 models as the company is already done with it but the incentive scheme has been rolled for 2014 pick-ups.
Chevrolet Silverado – A brief overview
This work truck pickup vehicle comes with 4 speed automatic transmission. The 3 seater truck is equipped with 4.3 L engine with V6 cylinders. The engine power is quite high with torque of 260 ft-lbs @ 2800 rpm and the horsepower of 195 hp @ 4600 rpm. The fuel capacity of 15 to 20 mpg is offered with the fuel tank capacity of 26 gal. The truck also offers substantial driving comfort with power steering, adjustable steering, cruise control and many other supporting features. The in car entertainment system is also fitted with 4 speakers, mass antenna and AM/FM stereo.
The safety features like 4 wheel ABS, front side dual airbags, front head airbag, traction control and child seat anchors make this vehicle much convenient compared to other pickup trucks.
The impact of the incentive scheme
This Chevy pickup vehicle is already a big hit in the market with the above mentioned features but the company is still facing problem in attaining the desired sales due to the price rivalry. The incentive scheme by GM would definitely work in the favor of this comfortable and stylish pickup vehicle by Chevy.
The features backed by the incentive scheme rolled by GM would keep the competitors on their toes to introduce more aggressive marketing tools.

Trucks And Their Uses

Trucks are a form of vehicle that has varied uses. It can be used for commercial purposes as well as for personal or retail purposes.  However, the manufacturers of truck and heavy vehicles usually segregate themselves from the manufacturers of light moving vehicles. The segment which sells trucks as well as the consumers for trucks are usually distinct from those who purchase light moving vehicles like cars, sedans and even SUVs.
Use In Military Organizations
Most government enterprises are in need of trucks for movement of goods. The military organizations in any country are the largest consumers of trucks and heavy vehicles. They need such vehicles for moving men from one region to another as well as arsenals, goods and even smaller vehicles.  The companies which supply to military organizations have to cater to their needs exclusively. They need to ensure certain parameters or standards of manufacturing and then only are their contracts renewed with the military organizations. Even for government enterprises there are many rules to adhere by in order to become a supplier to such organizations.
Use In Different Industries
When it comes to the commercial market, there are large industries and even medium sized businesses which need tucks for their commercial usage. Moving goods from one place to another is what trucks are used for the most. As per every industry there are certain specifications in design and manufacturing is one accordingly. Thus, there are truck companies that cater to logistics companies and design trucks to suit their freight carrying responsibilities. Others design trucks for car companies where tiers of small cars are placed for transporting them from one place to another. Trucks for individual usage are more compact in design and have powerful maneuvering features. They come with modern technologies are best for taking on the rough terrain and for long distance journeys.

General Motors News

GM has stated that launching the new trucks on a six-speed automatic transmission is an introductory affair, and eight-speed automatics will eventually be available.
At the moment both Silverado and Sierra are equipped with four speed automatic transmissions, which come standard for V6 and V8 versions respectively. After the models were launched, General Motors did provide volume upgrades to allow housing for their six-speed automatic and this is where the trend lies. Other competitors such as Ford and Dodge have followed suit of the six-speed automatic trail and Ram has fully migrated to eight-speed for most of their high end models set to be released in 2013.
According to sources from General Motors, the introduction of 2014 models in full-size trucks is mirrored on the 2007 launch in terms of transmission resolution. With both Sierra and Silverado starting off with six-speed automatic transmission and eventually leading up to potential version upgrades when the eight-speed transmissions are in effect. These plans are an upgrade from the current four-speed automatic transmission offers that GM has on its lineup but ultimately falls short on public expectation of an eight-speed automatic launch for their truck and SUV lines respectively. The current release plan for their full-size trucks will require all new GM models to undergo a midcycle upgrade in two to three years after its launch as evidenced by adding two gear upgrades to its current slate. It is expected that once the Hydra-Matic eight speed transmissions are good to go that GM will stabilize all six-speed upgrades from the ground up.

Top Auto Companies in Terms Of Big Gains

If you are going to compare the top gainers during the past few years, you can see that the current list for this year is a way different. Two of the biggest auto companies all over the world have switched positions in the month of May. Ford and Nissan are both grabbing the position for the best auto company in terms of gains.
Here are the top companies, which made it possible to create big gains out of their cars and vehicles for the year 2012.

1. Ford – The Ford Company has made it possible to acquire gains by 29.3% and its F-Series model has remained to be at the top position one more time. As a matter of fact, this particular model for Ford has outnumbered and surpassed the combined figures of General Motors’ Sierra and Chev’s Silverado. In fact, it sells in the market and has doubled up the sales figure of the Ram Trucks.

2. The Chevrolet Silverado (21.6%) – As of the month of May, Chevrolet has made it possible to come up with double-digit sales. In fact, this company has improved its sales by selling over 3,800 units during the month of April. A new model for Chevrolet is expected to be released this soon and is believed to surpass Ford the moment it hits the display rooms.

Truck News

The Japanese have made considerable advances in massive vehicle design and that is the reason why some Asian-manufactured trucks have made significant in-roads in the North American market. This is manifested in the substantial increase in sales of the Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan trucks right after their launch.  Nevertheless, despite the amazing progress that the Asian vehicle design and manufacturing field has attained in the past decade, the US truck manufacturing companies are still the lords when it comes to trucks and pick-ups. The reason behind this is the devoted loyalty that customers have on American manufacturers and this never ceases to bring faithful clients back to the US truck showrooms each time a new truck model is launched.
One palpable advantage of US-made trucks over the others is because of its diesel options, a feature Nissan and Toyota do not possess. Construction companies prefer diesel engines especially when they are buying fleets because of the engine motor’s torque and its hauling and towing capacity. In addition, diesel fuel is more cost-efficient that gasoline. And because construction companies and other fleet purchases rely mainly on the efficient and powerful nature of big trucks, those designed with diesel engines have the edge over those, which are not. 
Ford Motor Corporation, forging an alliance with Navistar, Inc. in 1982, has made thousands of engine-powered trucks. Although Navistar sells its engines tagged as MaxxForce, Ford opted to use Power Stroke as its engine’s name. Today, the Power Stroke is the best-selling diesel engine in the United States. Ford statistics says that 75% of their truck buyers choose the diesel engine-run trucks over the gas-fed ones. The Ford vehicles with the diesel engine option include the F-250 and the F-550, the E series vans, and the Excursion SUV.
Gm has its own version of diesel engine-run trucks. Its full-sized pick-ups, the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado both have their own V8 diesel engine options. Today, GM has partnered with Isuzu in producing its diesel engines for its fleet. The truck manufacturer even manufactures slightly less powerful diesel engines for some of its full-sized Chevrolets and GMC vans.
Chrysler, which was formerly known as Dodge, has Cummins, Inc. taking care of its turbo-diesel engines for its RAM fleet.
There have been reports that in order to give their customers the same diesel option that other vehicle manufacturers offer, Nissan will be ordering from Cummins 5.0L diesel engines for its Titan trucks.