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Ford Introduces Transit Trucks for Better Transport

Different countries have varied ways for shipping and transportation.  Ford has collected relevant details of the business and work upon them to create the best solution suitable for you. The latest model of transit trucks by Ford known as 2014 Ford Transit will be in the US markets by the year 2014. This model is built in Turkey and is exported to US.
This vehicle is made with the latest technology and hence you can expect great fuel efficiency. It is believed that you will get 25% fuel economy while compared to other similar models by the competitors. 2014 Fort Transit will be launched all over the world to attract the businesses all round the world. This model is extremely light-weighted compared to other vans. 2014 Ford Transit The main reason behind fuel efficiency is the light weight of the body of this model. Chassis Cab Versions, Cutaway Versions, Cargo Van and Passenger wagon are the four models which will be available for sale soon. For commercial vehicles, it gives options to use natural gas, liquid propane gas, bio diesel, flex fuel etc.
The durable and light body of 2014 Transit is the attractive feature which Ford promises. Moreover, three roof heights are designed for every model (Low, Medium and High). Previously Ford models were developed on solid wheel basis where even it could hold 12-15 passengers. The Transit Wagon was developed in four versions namely; Chassis Cab, Cutaway, Passenger Wagon and Cargo Van. Here, the wagon’s power ranges from 3.2 liters to 3.7 liters. It also had few added features such as advanced technology, modern interiors, accessible to mobile & laptop communication, touch sensitive buttons and other comfort things for car sitters. The driver’s seat has lot of adjustments which are focused to get more convenience while traveling.