Have a Look at the All New 2013 Ram 1500 Black Express

The motor cars by Ford have been the reason for amazement among a lot of people for many years. Recently the company has been able to come out of the F-150 Tremor.  But the powerful Ram did not waste much time in creating a place of its won in the market.

Have a close look at the all new Ram 1500 Black Express

The car has a engine of 395 hp. The torque generated is 410 lb-ft. The capacity of the engine is 5.7 liter. The technology behind it is Hemi power.
The car is a value oriented one. So the designers have equipped it with six speed automatic transmission capability. This has chances of changing in the near future.
The Black Express is far more different from the F-150 Tremor. The later used was a regular cab that came in the short-bed configuration. Black Express is available in regular, crew cab and quad cab configurations. The buyer can choose among the four or two wheel drive options.
It can be well understood from the name that the exterior color of this car is black. Each and every part of the car like the rear bumper, front fascia and grille surround have been given a black treatment. Even the 20 inch alloy wheels have been no exception to this.
When it lightning the Black Express uses the projector-beam front headlights. For rear and turn signal lights LED have been used to greater visibility to the other cars.

One thing that should you should remember is that this not a perfect car if you are looking for something fancy or crazy. But you find some sporty look in the car. Here are some of the features of the car that makes it different from the others in the line.

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