Cadillac Escalade EXT Pickup Truck

Cadillac Escalade EXT pickup truck wins the most valuable digits

Luxury and strength defines the real attitude of the 2012 model of the Cadillac Escalade EXT. Since 2002, this high-class vehicle is remarkably a pricey item in the market. The brand is proudly presented by the American auto company with a luxurious wrap of aerodynamic features. 

Celebrating its 10-year loyalty variation from the simplest form, the Cadillac is well known as a private SUV vehicle competing with other pick up models such as Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Tundra, Ford and GMC big vehicles. The V8 6.0-liter engine began to crawl in 2004; then two years later, the manufacturer decided to equip it with a towing capability. While the premium quality continued to escalate both in the interior rim of the vehicle as well as the exterior styling, in 2008, the placement of an enclosable pickup bed outsized another perspective view of the handsome truck toy. A new generation steps out when the latest design showcased in the recent Geneva Motor Show 2012.

The truck industry striving to complete trends with similar margins of sports car specs but not literally the whole mechanical design. The goal of innovation has to overcome a multitude of dynamic tests if other aspects of using hybrid engines, lighter materials and supreme handling and suspensions would fail several trials. Fortunately, with the manufacturer’s comprehensive research and vast approach to technology, all big vehicles can be modified to a high-end blend. Thus, it made the Escalade EXT as the leading pick up vehicle with the most valuable digits this year. 

Technically speaking, the prime goals of Cadillac Escalade EXT imposed the use of standard transmission using 6-speed automatic with overdrive and tow mode power train, 6.2-liter V8 engine and utilizing fuel economy emissions. It is also run by a 403 horsepower at 5,700-rpm engine with specifics on fuel economy city at 13 mileages per hour. The towing provision comprises of a 7200-lb total vehicular weight not to mention those 22″ chrome alloy wheels chanting with glamour.

The foundation of the interior specs is better than the previous edition. Aside from the typical luxury throne of incorporating wood and leather steering wheel and leather seats, high-tech gadgets seem to inculcate a touch to the future navigation system. Dashboards of the Cadillac feature the inclusive of USB port device, Tablet console that connects through a Bluetooth device, Surround sound systems and other radio data system.

Lightings are essential to enlighten the exterior styling of the pickup vehicle. Two of the common headlights set up are the Intellibeam Adaptive Intensity headlights and Halogen Fog lights. Off course, it is every truck’s rule to attach the rear step up and front body with bumpers.

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