AEV Ram Concept is a new Super Car to Arrive

The new RAM concept by American Expedition Vehicles has been showed at the SEMA show this year in Las Vegas. The news claims to be a true in and it seems that the features which this one is offering is going to be a good hit in coming time. It comes with good technologies which includes 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel, 2500 Crew Cab and many more has made this car a complete package for the car lovers. Besides the company promises to give a good level ride with other benefits like custom shocks fitted and better safety facilities.
All about AEV Ram Concept
This concept of car is known for providing better cargo facility and has the better abilities to tow the car as well. This car is based on the model of 2500 Crew Cab Diesel and is said to be the efficient one in terms of styling and quality. With a good heavy load capacity, this concept is said to be the complete package to look around. This car features new suspension system with few motivations like suspension geometry, High Steer Kit and heavy duty shackle mounts.
Features of AEV Ram Concept
BF Goodrich rubber
stamped steel front bumper
flared fenders
17-inch AEV wheels
Auxiliary lights
If you are curious to know about this AEV ram concept, then certainly you can have a lance at the gallery and watch out some of the amazing videos which will keep your mouth wide open. It seems that with exceptional towing capacity and good handling services, this truck is the best one that has been invented so far. Looking at its opening at the SEMA show seems to be an eye opener for many people and hope that it stands out to be the best as it has been showed in the show. Do check out its photo galley for more information about it.

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