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Chevy Silverado is Well Ahead of Ram 1500 According to the Consumer Reports

The days have come when the people can easily forget about Viper and Corvette. These days a lot of comparisons are being made among the various truck models available in the market. The full size trucks have been always a matter of concern for the domestic car manufacturing companies.x2014-chevrolet-silverado Till the new truck by Ford comes out in the market, Silverado by Chevrolet will continue to hold the top most position in the consumer reports list. Ram 1500 has failed to make a good place for itself in the heart of the customers.

A brief of the competition

Since a few years a close competition is being observed between the two renowned vehicles. Both of them are being powered by the version 8 engines.2013 Ram 1500
The Silverado that is going to come out in the market in 2014 has been powered by the GMC Sierra twin engine. This has left Ram far behind in the race. The truck could score only 81. This score was enough to make to the list of the top rated trucks.
Silverado have been able to get a narrow victory over Ram. The later finished with just 3 points less than the super truck by Silverado.
The factors that helped Silverado win the game is fuel economy and better payload and towing capacity. Not only is this the truck also has a very low step in height. This makes driving convenient.
There are also steps at the rear bumper. This helps a lot in loading and unloading the goods.

But the surveys have shown that most of the people still prefer Ram over Silverado. The most obvious reason behind this is that the ride is smoother. This has been only possible due spring rear suspension. It also has an eight speed automatic transmission.

Toyota 4 Runner – A Fuel Efficient Budgeted Car

2014 will be the most exciting year with so many new latest cars lining up to hit the market. Toyota 4 Runner is all set to hit the automobile industry. toyota  The car’s long wait is over and finally it is anytime releasing next year. Car owners seem to be quite enthusiastic for this car since it is an affordable mid-size SUV and the most refined and comfortable vehicle for those who are looking for the grocery getter or a family hauler.

So, what to expect from the Toyota 4 Runner? Let’s have a look:

Climb Aboard: The ride is quiet and smooth. 2013_toyota_4runner The steering is more precise and the brakes are super sensitive. It is a body on frame car that feels like driving the dynamics. Not compromising on the quality, the steering wheel has got a leather covering and a new featured interior such as 6.1 inch high resolution screen with backup camera, voice recognition, backup camera, good surround sound system and much more. The seats are done in supreme quality leather and are power operated. Each of the seats has got high standard air bags.

Performance: The car is powered by a 4.0 liter 270 horsepower of torque V6 that provides ample of power that you will experience in urban as well as suburban environment

It is designed under the new rugged exterior design; it has a distinctive grille design and new color keyed over fenders and bumpers. All these and much more power packed engine give you at par driving experience. Apart from this, the car comes with the maximum 89 cubic feet of cargo space where you can seat the entire rear seats. The space is huge and can be utilized for a number of reasons

All in all it is a great car, perhaps a value for money vehicle that will go long way in giving you a pleasurable ride without any hassles.