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The Rumble Bee from RAM That Never Backs Down From the Challenge

bThe RAM trucks are tagged as a real customer’s trucks that recently have come up with one of the best innovative engineering examples – the Rumble Bee. It is a new type of pickup truck still carrying the Dodge badge over it. The vehicle is put as a limited edition on the 10th anniversary celebration.

When you rely on the truck for your daily drive, you have got to work smart and come prepared with guts, experience, and robust to lead the way. Bottom line, you need a RAM Rumble Bee. This pickup truck was inspired by the Dodge Super Bee, the muscle car of the past years.

All rough and tough looks, the car is the rich harvest of some extensive years of researching on how Rumble Bee should actually look like. Every plane, curve, line is the representing the exhaustive research on what you are seeing. It comes featuring with:

rumble-riBold hood bulge
Aggressive forward leaning grille
Class exclusive integrated dual exhaust
Fully wrapped chrome bumpers
6 passenger seating

Convenience and Comfort
Perhaps the first pickup truck that comes with great level of comfort. Leather trimmed seats available with ample of leg space. The seating isn’t squeezing, hence the drive thru is easy and hassle free.

To help you stay in touch with the people while you are out driving, there is an Uconnect facility that acts as a hub that connects easily to your cell phone, satellite radio, Internet, and other personal multimedia devices.

The car has an in-floor bins closed for keeping gloves, maps and other similar items. There is also under the rear seat storage that is accessible simply by lifting the dual function car seat. This acts as an additional storage space when you want to store your small bags etc.

Chrysler to Extend the Production of Current Version of Jeep Wrangler

Chrysler is well known for its line of heavy duty cars. They have a number of models that provide great performance both on the road and off the road to the drivers. The Jeeps by this company have been able to win the heart of many car enthusiasts throughout the world. Whenever the company has taken part in any Jeep race, the Jeep Wrangler has been a matter of attraction among the crowd.

The current news about the vehicle

Ford has just reported that they won’t be stopping the production of the present model of Ford F-150. The old model will be built simultaneously with the new model that is going to be launched in the market in 2015. Similar reports have also come from the officials of Chrysler. They have claimed that they are going to extend the production of their popular Jeep Wrangler model since 2018. Let’s have a look at some of the popular facts about the car.

The decision in discussion will give Jeep Wrangler a long span of 11 years to rule the road.
The model that was before it was known as TJ Keep Wrangler. It had a production span of 9 years at 1997 to 2006.
The report says that the car will get its full design in 2016. This model will be made available for the public in 2017.
The authorities also forecast that they will be unable to come with the full model before 2019. This is because the model will only become ready by the middle of 2018.
The Jeep Wrangler can be well considered as the best-selling SUV of medium size.
The car has car has also won two off road awards. It has great off road capabilities. For this the special Rubicon trim has been used.