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Hennessey Completes First VelosiRaptor SUV Convertion

Have a look at the first VelociRaptor SUV conversion by Hennessey

HennesseyMost of the companies are trying to give their already existing products a new look. Ford is not behind anyone in this matter. The highly appreciated F-150 SVT Raptor is going through a great modification at the workshop of the company. A lot of changes have been made to ensure that the admirers of the car can see something new in front of their eyes.

Some of the most striking changes that have been made are:

It has been also equipped with a third row that is optional in nature.

One of the most exciting changes that have been brought into the car by Hennessey is the inclusion of the excursion type rare cabin.

A cab has been also added over the bed. This helps in the accommodation of any kind of massive load at the back.

This part can be easily accessed with the help of the doors that are split out and folding in nature. The space is also big enough to allow a person to lie down inside it.

The engine has not undergone any change.

It is still of the 6.2 liter V8 type and has 411 horsepower. It can be a speed of 60 miles in just 7.5 secs. So test the capability of this vehicle without delay. Thus the chances of giving a blow to the contemporary vehicles of the same class available in the market have increased a lot.

All the modifications that the people will witness this time have been done by the professionals at Hennessey. The whole vehicle has been transformed into a SUV that is ultra long. The Hennessey VelociRaptor is ready to rage the roads with all its grace and power.