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The 2014 Gmc Sierra Pickup Truck

2014 GMC SierraThe 2014 GMC Sierra Pickup Truck that is expected in the summer of 2013 is said to be at a different level when it comes to the interior styling of the truck. The GMC says that the 2014 GMC Sierra will set a new standard in the interior designing of the trucks and the cabin in the new Sierra is said to be quiet, comfortable and enhances driving comfort. The new Sierra is where comfort meets convenience and the quality of the build is also expected to be high.
Technology And Safety Features Of The 2014 GMC Sierra
Rear Vision Camera will be available in the new Sierra

Intellilink with an 8” Color Touch radio featuring Bluetooth connectivity, HD Radio, Smart phone integration and a lot more

Tow/Haul Mode, Driver Shift Control, Hill Start Assist, Trailer Sway control, Intelligent Brake Assist and Ultrasonic Front and Rear Park Assist are some of the features that will be available in the new Sierra.

Safety features like Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning are also available.

Roadside Assistance, Remote Door Unlock, Automatic Crash Response, Turn by turn navigation and Emergency Services Link are the other safety features.
Performance Related Features
The 2014 GMC Sierra will feature the all new Eco Tec3 engines and will be paired with the 6 speed automatic transmission making it efficient.

Direct Injection Engine with Active fuel Management will give the right balance between power and efficiency that will meet all driving conditions.

DURALIFE Brake Rotors are used to help prolong the life of the brake rotors and to help avoid corrosion.

Hill Descent Control, Stabilitrak with traction control, Electronic Power steering, Driver Shift control and Automatic Locking Rear Differential are all performance features that are expected in the new Sierra.

The 2014 Ford Transit Trucks

Ford Commercial Vehicles
Ford Reveals 2014 TransitFord is considered to be the leader in commercial vehicle in the United States of America. According to Polk U.S. Registration data, Ford sells 6 of the top 10 commercial vehicles sold in the U.S. The fact that by the end of 2012, half of the commercial vehicles manufactures by Ford are capable of using alternative fuels like natural gas, biodiesel, flex fuel, hybrid, liquid propane gas and battery power. The models of Ford commercial vehicles available are very diverse and therefore the popularity of the commercial vehicles that are sold by Ford. Ford commercial trucks are known to have very good build quality that is essential for any commercial vehicle and the options that is provided along with the build quality is what contributes to the success of the Ford commercial segment.
2014 Ford Transit
The 2014 Ford Transit that will be available in the U.S by 2014 is expected to live up of the standards of Econoline’s Built Ford Tough and also achieve at least 25% better fuel economy thereby lowering CO2 emissions and also the operating cost for customers. The 2014 Ford Transit will use the common global platform that Ford plans to introduce all over the world. The weight of the new 2014 Ford Transit is said to be down by at least 300 pounds when compared to a E-Series van of a similar size. The increase in fuel economy is largely due to the reduction in weight and the changes that are planned for the powertrain. The 2014 Ford Transit will be available in Cutaway versions and Chassis Cab versions along with the full body version.
2014 Ford Transit specifications
The 2014 Ford Transit will have a lightweight and durable unibody construction.
It will be available in four models – chassis cab, cutaway, cargo van and passenger wagon
Three roof heights are planned for all models – low, medium or high
Ford Reveals 2014 Transit2The Ford Transit van and the wagon models will be available in regular (130 inch) wheelbase length and long (148 inch) wheelbase length.
Cutaway models and chassis cab models will be available in three wheel bases – 138 inch, 156 inch and 178 inch.
The 2014 Ford Transit has a wide range of GWWR ranging from 8600 pounds to 10,360 pounds
The Transit Wagon can hold 8 to 10 passengers and the long wheelbase model can hold 12 to 15 pasenger.
The 2014 Fortd Transit series will be available in a three varieties of powertrains ranging from 3.2L to 3.7L. Alternate fuel capability powertrains and Flex Fuel Capable powertrains are also planned for this model
2014 Ford Transit added features
The 2014 Ford Transit is slated to contain advanced technology to go with the modern interior that will ensure that you have a lot of comfort on the road while technology makes it easier to do things. The Ford SYNC®System allows you to access mobile communications, navigation, entertainment and travel information using voice commands or touch sensitive buttons. The interior are based on the Fosrd Kinetic design and is focused on driver comfort. The driver’s seat has multiple adjustments that can be done to ensure that the driver has a comfortable position while driving.

The 2014 Ram 1500 Is Expected To Be The First North American Full Size Pickup To Offer A Diesel Power Train


The biggest change in the interior is a brand new cabin which boasts of an extremely massive touchscreen user interface. The screen is expected to be much more larger than the 8.4 inch ones that we find today. However, the exact specifications are yet to be released by the automaker.

Other Changes

From the way things look, the 2014 Ram 1500 is also expected to sport a new grille and an array of projector headlamps and LED tail lamps. However, what remains unclear is whether this amazing light combination will be offered as a standard product or will be given out as an option in the higher versions. Moreover, the 2014 Ram 1500 includes a completely revised suspension design. The front multi link array seems to have given way to a single trailing arm setup. The shock absorbers seem to have been relocated as well. With the company doing its best to keep the details of the new 1500 under lock and key at the moment, it is difficult to provide the exact specifications and we just have to wait for the company to make its official announcement soon.

The 2014 Ram 1500 Is Expected To Be The First North American Full Size Pickup To Offer A Diesel Power Train


 One of the most popular manufactures when it comes to trucks is Ram. The company is known for producing some of the most fuel efficient and user friendly pickups available in the markets. Thus, there has been a great buzz and tremendous excitement around its upcoming 2014 Ram 1500. The amazing machine is expected to be launched at the 2013 Chicago auto show when we expect the complete specs and details about the truck to come out. With the 2013 Ram 1500 winning the Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend and the North American Truck of the Year award, one expects great things from the 2014 version. While a release date and performance information is not yet available, we expect them to be released quite soon. 

The 2014 Ram 1500 Are All Set To Offer Diesel Power Trains 

Ram is all set to be the first company in North America to offer a diesel power train in its 2014 version of the Ram 1500. With this step, Ram takes another bold step in their aggressive journey to become the leading full size truck manufacturer in North America. The 3 liter V6 turbo Eco Diesel is all set to join the already proven Torque Flite 8 speed transmission systems in the 2014 Ram 1500 and promises the best in the class performance, torque and capability in both the tow and haul capacities and fuel efficiency. This game changing technology is expected to raise the bar for pickups and will no doubt offer Ram a huge competitive advantage in the markets. Moreover, the 3 liter V6 engine is amongst the most advanced diesel engines in the world and it also gives out 60 percent lesser emissions than the diesel power trains of yesteryears. When we add the increased fuel economy and performance to this combination, the result is a potent and deadly pickup which should bomb the markets on its arrival.

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