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Spruce Up Your Trucks

Cars are the focus of lavish attention from tuners and fans alike, so if you own a truck and you are intrigue with the thought of improving its looks and performance check this out.

For starters, engine can be modified multiple ways – adding a turbo set on a custom manifold, large front mount intercooler and performance exhausts will boost horsepower and torque, and give a smooth deep tone. Chip tuning would maximize fuel efficiency, ignition timing, charge pressure, etc. If your engine is turbocharged, you gain 15% to 35% in performance with better acceleration. Because it will allow you to drive with lower torque, you will see a marked improvement in fuel consumption. Depending on how much modifications you would want, there are many other performance arts that will help your SUV speed up.

Body kits can give your trucks subtle changes in appearance or a vastly different look. Front and rear bumpers may be changed or added along with side skirts. Further add-ons are spoilers, splitters and fender flares. Some additions will change the contours of the body breaks and lines of the original design. Race-inspired styles will give your truck better aerodynamics, or may make your SUV appear lower. Lowering blocks at the rear and drop spindles in front will give it real lower profile, and adding LSD will give the driver better control. Large 18” wheels under widened fenders will give an aura of strength and masculinity. A very much welcome side benefit of body kits is that while enhancing your SUV’s appearance, you will be replacing body parts that are damaged, defective or worn out anyway. In fact, the need to make repairs or replacements will give you a reason and excellent opportunity to give your truck improvements in performance and appearance. If your truck is of the older variety, you will give it also a much-needed face-lift for that modern look.

Body kit materials are high quality products, durable and lightweight like fiberglass that will easily mold into panels and cut out openings. The ABS plastic is flexible and impact- absorbent, and if you pick the right kit, replacement parts will fit into original mounting points and brackets

Inside, you can stamp your personality and style with sporty dash for better monitoring, shift knobs, parking brake handles, new rally style steering wheels, race-inspired pedals, rear view mirrors and Recaro seats. If you want to retain the original seats, seat covers will hide worn out leather or stained fabrics and provide protection against further wear and tear, and so too will dashboard covers and heat shields. Other interior accessories available that are decorative and very useful are florescent dome lights, floor and cargo mats, and a fire extinguisher for safety. And, don’t forget the air fresheners that can make for a pleasant driving experience.

Trucking it

There is a reality show on television that shows truckers going about their everyday lives. I have to admit that before this show, I was one of those people that knew absolutely nothing about tuckers and trucks were the last thing from my mind.  For me, these road giants are dangerous and scary.  These days however, more and more people are paying attention to changes in trucks. Although unlike physical changes done in cars and other smaller vehicles, there are also superficial changes made in trucks but these changes are more geared towards enhancing performance and ensuring safety rather than for aesthetic purposes. .
Recently, the utility trailer has announced that it will be making changes to its side skirt. The trailer’s skirt is aerodynamic which allows for a more comfortable driving experience, they are making changes to the skirt in hopes of being able to further enhance the performance of the vehicle. The new design allows for a more flexible, bendable skirt making it easier for the truck to overcome bumps in the road.
The Utility brand has been around since 1914 and the makers are constantly looking for ways to make changes that would help in the efficiency of the road giant. Many other trucks are also expected to follow the example set by Utility as we forge into an environment that is promoting efficiency and at the same time conservation. More vehicles – trucks for that matter are expected to be making changes to their designs and their machines in the hopes of being able to make a name for themselves, and take a leading role in the market.
Online, you will also be able to see new releases or changes made in old trucks. This is very helpful to the normal everyday consumer because you are presented with the facts that you need to know when purchasing a vehicle. You can also actively research online to be able to make a decision based on the changes that are being made in the trucks these days. There may be times that just like in the smaller vehicle, you will see trucks that have been painted in a different way and this will definitely catch your attention. Just like smaller vehicles, there are shops that accept customization of trucks although admittedly, the changes are only usually skin deep. It would not be a very good idea to have customizations made to your trucks where the machine is concerned since trucks are mainly used for tough jobs.