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General Motors News

GM has stated that launching the new trucks on a six-speed automatic transmission is an introductory affair, and eight-speed automatics will eventually be available.
At the moment both Silverado and Sierra are equipped with four speed automatic transmissions, which come standard for V6 and V8 versions respectively. After the models were launched, General Motors did provide volume upgrades to allow housing for their six-speed automatic and this is where the trend lies. Other competitors such as Ford and Dodge have followed suit of the six-speed automatic trail and Ram has fully migrated to eight-speed for most of their high end models set to be released in 2013.
According to sources from General Motors, the introduction of 2014 models in full-size trucks is mirrored on the 2007 launch in terms of transmission resolution. With both Sierra and Silverado starting off with six-speed automatic transmission and eventually leading up to potential version upgrades when the eight-speed transmissions are in effect. These plans are an upgrade from the current four-speed automatic transmission offers that GM has on its lineup but ultimately falls short on public expectation of an eight-speed automatic launch for their truck and SUV lines respectively. The current release plan for their full-size trucks will require all new GM models to undergo a midcycle upgrade in two to three years after its launch as evidenced by adding two gear upgrades to its current slate. It is expected that once the Hydra-Matic eight speed transmissions are good to go that GM will stabilize all six-speed upgrades from the ground up.

General Motors News

General motors has stated plans to unveil its redesigned lineup for its trucks starting next year as part of the 2014 models and according to plans, the manufacturers are taking it a step further by putting up six-speed automatic transmissions instead of eight in a move that has created some queries about the direction of the American automaker.

Competitors in the field like Ram have revolutionized their trucks by providing eight speed but according to GM, their eight-speed auto transmission is not where they would like it to be- at least not yet and will probably not be released for a two more years when their truck line gets a midcycle update. This is a similar incident that happened to GM in a prior release back in 2007 when General Motors opened with remodeled trucks that are equipped with four-speed auto transmission engines.

General Motors has stated that the 2014 Silverado and Sierra will be offered with six-speed automatic transmission engines but are going to be available as option to existing models. The eight-speed transmission system being developed by GM is expected to be part of the hydra-matic auto transmission line.

Photos from the GM official sight showcase a fully redesigned full size truck with minor details of what engine specifications will hold at this point. Although the general direction of discretion is seen in many of the previous press releases, additional information about the engine systems are slowly making their way into public domain starting with the transmission preferences that are set to launch with the 2014 models.

New Record, Awesome Look for Hybrid Truck

VIDEO Mean Green Volvo D16 hybrid truck walkaround

The Volvo D16 engine was slightly tuned to produce more power while maintaining efficiency. The I-Shift gearbox was also tweaked, while the bumpers and the bottom part of the body was enhanced to add aerodynamic strength.  The exterior and interior of the vehicle was painted lime green, with the addition of a graphical representation of a reptile-like creature added for good measure.   Goodyear also supplied the owner with new tires capable of withstanding stress and pressure to the vehicle.
The truck may be mean, but it is also fast enough to break new records, which it achieved soon after. The new truck speed record was verified by the United States Auto Club, who will immediately send the new record to the FIA for further verification.
Hybrid trucks like the Volvo ‘Mean Green’ are still few and far between, but the feat of the said vehicle should increase awareness about the viability of these environmentally friendly kings of the road. In any case, hybrid vehicles are still an experiment in the making, and are driven by the thousands in only a few countries who can afford this new type of vehicle. However, it is considered an important first step towards constructing, developing and testing more efficient and environmentally capable vehicles in the years to come.

New Record, Awesome Look for Hybrid Truck

The 21st century brought environmental awareness to its highest point. Following the success and critical acclaim of the 2006 Al Gore documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, change is definitely in the air for vehicles to become more consciously active in preserving the environment. And automobile giants such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and others are trying their best to make their vehicles as environmentally sound as possible.
Hybrid vehicles combine the tried and tested power of the internal combustion engine with newer, more efficient electrical motors; the resulting engine is called the hybrid electric engine. Hybrid vehicles are now powered by alternative energy sources such as solar energy, electricity, biodiesel, autogas, natural gas and others, while still being powered by petroleum gases. Hybrid vehicles offer greater fuel efficiency, lower emissions, less chance of mechanical breakdowns, and improved driving comfort.
This owner proudly owns a new Volvo Hybrid Truck. His truck was nicknamed ‘Mean Green’ for its green body and reptile-like livery. The truck participated in a record-breaking feat at the Wendover Airfield in Utah, breaking new records in the standing kilometer (95 mph), and the flying kilometer (147 mph). Before setting a new record, it was given some fine-tuning, from the engine to its exterior.

Knowing more about your Off-Road Trucks

As mentioned earlier, there are various ways in which to tune up a 4×4 truck. In today’s modern society, some of these tuning techniques no longer involve old school gear heads and are utilizing the services of computer scientists.  Most technicians as of late include more electronic devices than the ever-reliable hand held equipment of yesteryears. While a tire plug kit can never be replaced by a handheld programmer, it is now an essential tool to have in your vehicle. Most old school mechanics and technicians are initially not happy with the electronic and computer enhanced path engine repairs and improvements are going. However, in order to improve and move forward, the acceptance of these new and modern techniques and equipment should be embraced. One should not be intimidated by technology, more importantly, mechanics of the old ways should find ways to make it work for you.

Most 4×4 trucks are essentially tuned up before it leaves the factory and is done in a general manner. This means that programming restrictions are limited to the basic Federal standards for emission and are usually based only with the life expectancy of the truck. By changing the aforementioned factory restrictions, one may be able to adjust and improve the overall performance of the truck’s engine, however, the warranty included may be voided.

It is important to remember that before making any adjustments to your truck, you should do the necessary legwork and research of how the engine of your vehicle works. There are various ways in which to tune the engines of the trucks, however, not all tuning techniques are the same. To avoid any mistakes, it is advised to seek consultation with a reputable and legitimate tuning company.

Knowing more about your Off-Road Trucks

Trucks, such as 4×4 contain powerful engines that can enable a driver to pass through all sorts of terrain. For flat lands to rocky and off roads sites, these trucks can handle the pressure. However, it is important to take care of your trucks and constantly tuned to get maximum performance. Here is some basic information in order to fully understand how your truck works. Car accessories and parts.

Truck Gear heads are known to be interested and fixated into rebuilding, modifying and fixing trucks in attempts to gain more horsepower from its engine. Since the invention of the first ever-internal combustion engine, this has been every truck enthusiast’s goal. In this day and age wherein 4×4 trucks are able to be easily tuned up with the use of a performance chip or a plugged in handheld programmer, there are still various ways in which to improve and enhance the performance of the vehicle.