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Aerofficient wins Top Product of 2012

Aerofficient gains top honors at the Annual Technology and maintenance Council Meeting and Exhibit sponsored by the American Trucking Association after its Aerofficient Side Skirt was named Top Product of 2012. The award-winning Aerofficient is one of the top manufacturers and designers of aerodynamic enhancement devises for heavy-duty trucks trailers. 
Heavy Duty Trucking magazine presented the award to the Best Of Best Products of 2012 where a hundred of products and services were screened by the magazine’s Editorial stuff together with HDT 2011 Truck Fleet Innovators ; a trucking community organization. Veterans Fleet maintenance professionals also rendered help in picking out the winners.
Aerofficient joined the group of top 20 products, which were judged based on innovations, the potential of the product in improving and in addressing trucking issues.
The company’s fairings was cited for its innovation of using thermoplastic polyletin material that is capable of withstanding thermal expansion as well as contraction producing high performance even when exposed to extreme heat and cold condition. The three -panel fairing’s hinge has the flexibility and strength mandated in the trucking experiences.  The products have the potential to survive and win over drop-downs docks and every yard trucking hazard.
Aerofficient’s Jim Reiman stated in behalf of the company that the company is continuing its commitments in making products that can withstand the ordeals of trucking and at the same time produce high investment returns for their customers. He added that the honor given by an independent group is a big push in the company’s endeavors of manufacturing products of high quality and assuring their position as one of the top manufacturer and designers of aerodynamic enhancement devices for trucking industry.
Aerofficient is a company that manufactures and designs aerodynamic solutions for the trucking industry, which is gears toward addressing the fuel economy issues in heavy -duty truck trailers. Its highly dependable side skirt fairing is known for its lightweight and high quality. The company is planning to launch soon its first collapsible rear fairing and front gap fairings with the same high performance and dependable qualities.
Aerofficient’s fairings are engineered and built in the Canada and United States of America. All of Aerofficient’s products are easy to install and known for high performance and durability. The products are 100% recyclable have EPC stamps as advanced side skirt fairings with a fuel saving of at least 5 % on fuel consumption.

GMC Denali XT Hybrid Truck

During the 2008 Auto Show in Chicago, GMC has unveiled its concept for the Denali XT – a hybrid truck that could offer fuel saving by 50% compared to ordinary trucks that runs on gasoline. With a rear wheel drive feature the Denali XT hybrid is exceptionally powerful because of its 2 mode hybrid engine system that works both ways to deliver great performance while ensuring fuel efficiency.  

The unique unibody structure of the new Denali XT gives the truck a lighter frame thus improving its handling and riding efficiency. Jim Bunnel, the General Manager of GMC said that the Denali XT is capable and very functional. Like all the GMC designed vehicles the Denali, according to Bunnel, delivers a more efficient way of achieving a sportier driving experience. Mr. Bunnel also said that this vehicle best represents the company’s engineering excellence and its dedication to utilizing advanced hybrid technologies.

The concept bore the new improved iconic grille from GMC bearing its big red logo with an additional prominently fixed 4 bar element and a background in Denali’s signature. For improved aerodynamics the truck is accentuated with flared fenders to support wider stance, its big frame is supported by impressively large 23” wheels and custom tires from Kumho. The concept is meant to deliver enhanced fuel efficiency without sacrificing functionality.

According to Global Design’s Vice President, Mr. Ed Welburn, the Denali is packaged in a customized form with a robust aftertaste thus bearing the look of a youthful, always ready yet capable truck.
Needless to say this hybrid was made for masculine driving, its low roof, big wheels, and lustrous headlamps combined with its wide form allows the truck to plant firmly and confidently during inroad driving thus improving aggressiveness and forcefulness.

The truck’s interior is classy in full leather and is surrounded by billet metal giving the idea of cool refined comfort at its best. Another thing worth noting is the way the seats are positioned, the high cowl design allows elevated seating, providing comfortable knee room for both the front and rear passengers and at the same time reducing distance in between hence giving the Denali hybrid a compact façade.

In terms of capability the Denali XT hybrid stands out, its design was meant to provide wide and deep space to accommodate everything you need to carry. It can load an estimated weight of 499 kilogram (around 1,100 lbs) and can tow up to 3,500 lbs (around 1587 kilogram). In case of additional need for space the midgate can easily be lowered and the rear seats can be folded to provide more room for longer or wider cargo.

Truck News

The Japanese have made considerable advances in massive vehicle design and that is the reason why some Asian-manufactured trucks have made significant in-roads in the North American market. This is manifested in the substantial increase in sales of the Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan trucks right after their launch.  Nevertheless, despite the amazing progress that the Asian vehicle design and manufacturing field has attained in the past decade, the US truck manufacturing companies are still the lords when it comes to trucks and pick-ups. The reason behind this is the devoted loyalty that customers have on American manufacturers and this never ceases to bring faithful clients back to the US truck showrooms each time a new truck model is launched.
One palpable advantage of US-made trucks over the others is because of its diesel options, a feature Nissan and Toyota do not possess. Construction companies prefer diesel engines especially when they are buying fleets because of the engine motor’s torque and its hauling and towing capacity. In addition, diesel fuel is more cost-efficient that gasoline. And because construction companies and other fleet purchases rely mainly on the efficient and powerful nature of big trucks, those designed with diesel engines have the edge over those, which are not. 
Ford Motor Corporation, forging an alliance with Navistar, Inc. in 1982, has made thousands of engine-powered trucks. Although Navistar sells its engines tagged as MaxxForce, Ford opted to use Power Stroke as its engine’s name. Today, the Power Stroke is the best-selling diesel engine in the United States. Ford statistics says that 75% of their truck buyers choose the diesel engine-run trucks over the gas-fed ones. The Ford vehicles with the diesel engine option include the F-250 and the F-550, the E series vans, and the Excursion SUV.
Gm has its own version of diesel engine-run trucks. Its full-sized pick-ups, the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado both have their own V8 diesel engine options. Today, GM has partnered with Isuzu in producing its diesel engines for its fleet. The truck manufacturer even manufactures slightly less powerful diesel engines for some of its full-sized Chevrolets and GMC vans.
Chrysler, which was formerly known as Dodge, has Cummins, Inc. taking care of its turbo-diesel engines for its RAM fleet.
There have been reports that in order to give their customers the same diesel option that other vehicle manufacturers offer, Nissan will be ordering from Cummins 5.0L diesel engines for its Titan trucks.

Truck Stop

According to the organizations that keep track of Internet search statistics, the number of people looking for information around the term ‘truck auto repair’ has been on an abated upward trend in recent years. The term itself can be seen as being a reference to the whole range of auto repair services (that is, vehicle repair services) that are targeted at trucks. Of course, what qualifies to be termed as a ‘truck’ varies from person to person. On the one hand, there are some people who view a truck as any vehicle with a larger portion of it customized for carrying cargo (so that a pick up also qualifies to be called a ‘truck’). On the other hand, there are others restricting the name ‘truck’ to the reference of those heavy commercial vehicles, otherwise known as lorries.

Whatever the description of a truck one ultimately falls for, the term truck auto repair refers to the whole range of restorative and maintenance functions carried out on such trucks. On the restorative side, we have the repair of both the minor and major faults that the trucks in question develop; whereas on the maintenance bit, we have regular procedures that are carried out to enhance the performance of the truck.

Traditionally, truck repair was carried out in general garages (so that the occasional truck could just check into the garage like any other vehicle, and get sorted). In recent days, though, we have seen the emergence of specialized truck repair centers; with many companies that own and make extensive use of trucks opting to establish in-house truck auto repair departments.

Mechanical parts are always subjected to wear and tear. Your utility truck runs within the town heavily loaded, stops and waits, has to be loaded and unloaded, and idles at traffic points. It needs frequent service and maintenance as its parts will surely start to wear off after traveling a few thousand miles.

Constantly pulling around extra weight, some of the vital engine parts in your truck will need service. Other parts include water pumps, fuel pumps, bearings, radiators, starters, tires, brakes and batteries.

What simple inspections can you do?

  1. The Engine Lights: It indicates a malfunction in the engine control as well as the evaporative emission system.
  2. The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Light: When the light is on, the brake system becomes disabled. The ABS manipulates the front and rear brake pressure to decrease the wheels lock-up.
  3. The Wheel Alignment: An accurate wheel alignment ensures long tire life. When there is an unusual tire wear, or when your tire steers towards one way or another, or even when the tire vibrates when driven on smooth roads, great care has to be taken to rebalance the wheels.
  4. The Spark Plug Wires: It produces a spark to start the engine. Make sure it is clean.
  5. Battery Connections: Battery wires must be connected appropriately to avoid power leak and short circuit.
  6. Fluid Levels: Check the fluid levels regularly. If the fluid level decreases frequently, check with your truck repair shop.
  7. Tire Pressures: This gives longevity to tires for better stability and smooth run. Without the correct tire pressure the tires will wear out soon.
  8. Radiator: Take care that it doesn’t heat up; the engine’s heat wears away its parts.
  9. Out of ordinary sounds: Uncommon rattles, bangs, etc are warning signs that need immediate attention.
  10. Belts: Belts will wear away soon. Check the belts regularly and change when necessary.
  11. Fuel Leaks: Make sure that the fuel does not leak. If it does, it can lead to engine backfire.

Now whether you opt to outsource the function, or keep it in-house, it is essential to be ‘quality-focused,’ and not just ‘cost-focused’ when shopping for people to provide you with truck repair services. In other words, you should not only be looking for the most cost-effective service provider, but also for the most competent service provider. Insisting on going for the very cheapest service providers you can lay your hands on can often backfire in nasty ways. This is like where such cheap service providers (who may be making use of unqualified mechanics) end up messing your truck so much that you end up spending much more money having it sorted. Of course, this is not to say that the priciest service providers are always the best. It is to say that when looking for truck auto repair services, you need to keep in mind the fact that your truck is a highly-priced asset; whose health you surely cannot entrust to anyone.

Also worth taking note of is the fact that the truck repair business is one that has been very greatly affected by technology in recent years. You therefore need to ensure that the truck repair service providers you go for are those who have kept, or at least made an attempt to keep up with the technology. At the very least, ensure that they are people who are technologically-competent to handle your truck (especially if it is a new truck). Take note that some of these technological advancements are fast ‘rendering obsolete’ truck repair service providers who don’t make an effort to keep up!